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Brand Culture

The origin of WAPA

WAPA (Wave particle): Einstein advanced the light quantum theory and clearly interpreted the photoelectric effect in 1905. People began to realize that the light wave simultaneously exhibits the duality of wave and particle, thus ushering a new revolution in physics. Why our company names it as “Wave Particle” is that it is highly hoped that the new concept of the security & surveillance can initiate a new epoch in the security industry. 

The Hexagram beside “A” means that Wave-particle Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd will turn out to be a shining star in the security industry

The blue semicircle means that our products will be well sold throughout the world, hereby blue standing for peace and security. With the rapid development of the enterprise, WAPA hopes that its principle, culture and products can be widely accepted and recognized by more and more people.

The orange arc means that orange represents friendship and a gentle reminder for caution and also orange is the very color used in many places as the security identifier, so orange is also used to represent Wave-particle Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. It is hoped that our great efforts can bring the security awareness of the people up to a new height.

●   The gray cross refers to the close embrace of customers. Gray stands for comprehensiveness and magnanimity, so the vast ocean embraces streams to its tide, showing its all-inclusiveness and tremendous magnitude. The fast growth of WAPAcan not do without the support and love of our customers at large.